Our services are geared entirely to your needs: from selected sector-based solutions through to full management of your insurance portfolio – the choice is yours.

Insurance brokerage service

With our insurance brokerage service, you benefit from a full all-round service. A team of specialists assembled to match your particular requirements deals with all your concerns and needs to do with insurance and risk management: from providing simple insurance information to tendering for your insurance cover to document checking and management. For businesses and institutions looking to focus on their core competencies and to relieve themselves of the burden of insurance work, our insurance brokerage service is the first choice.

Comparing premiums/benefits

In Switzerland, there are well over 100 insurance companies, whose products and premiums all differ. Finding the right insurance solution at the best price and with a reliable partner is therefore a particularly problematic task. Not only does it take up a lot of time, it is also a very wearisome process. Glausen + Partner works with all the well-known insurance companies in Switzerland. Every year, we carry out several hundred individual benefits and premiums comparisons. Combined with our market monitoring, it means we know precisely who can offer you the best terms and conditions for insurance. Would you like us to review your insurance portfolio to see whether it can be optimised? Then get in touch - we would be pleased to assist.

Risk management

Being an entrepreneur means exposing yourself to risks and dealing with them. Successful entrepreneurs don't simply accept risks, but manage them. Dealing with hazards means firstly adopting a preventive approach, and secondly employing measured interventions to take precautions.

Claims management

The workplace is not a perfect environment. And instances of damage will occur wherever work is done. The claims specialists at Glausen Expert Service are called upon to support and assist with around 3,000 claims per year, carry out unbiased claims assessments, prepare expert reports and investigate legal circumstances, contractual relationships and recourse options.

Legal advice

When dealing with insurance and risks, legal questions and problems are generally not far away. Whatever the issue - drafting General Standard Terms and Conditions, checks on conformity of customer agreements, legal disputes with an insurer following a claim or disputes under employment law - our legal partners are on hand to help you.

Relieving the administrative burden

Our team can take on the administrative work for you, and handle seamless documentation of all steps.

ASTAG member solutions

ASTAG members can benefit from cost-favourable insurance options offered to all members. These are aimed primarily at SMEs looking to benefit from a particular insurance solution and not requiring comprehensive insurance management support. 

SPEDLOGSWISS member solutions

As a member of Spedlogswiss your are allowed to benefit from discounted trade association solutions. The following booklet contains further information: 

⇒ Insurance solutions for members of SPEDLOGSWISS

FIS Ski event loss insurance

There are certain events over which we unfortunately have no control. These include, for instance, heavy rain during a ski race, storm winds and fog during a ski-jump competition, or simply too little snow. All these circumstances are not only unpleasant, but they can also bring considerable financial losses in their wake, with a sizeable impact on your budget. We offer you unique insurance solutions which you can use to protect yourself against such problems.

Our insurance solution covers all your requirements – regardless of whether you might be forced into postponing, halting, or even cancelling an event. Our easy-to-understand solution covers a very broad range of situations and is extremely competitive on premiums.

For more information, check out the following fact sheet:

⇒ FIS Ski Event Loss Insurance feat. Hans Pieren